Merchant Program

Merchant Program

Become an Everyday Savings Card Merchant!

With FREE Marketing & Advertising, What Do You Have to Lose?

Our year around, continuous use savings card is distributed by local non-profit organizations & via our website.

How do I list my business with the Everyday Savings Card program for FREE?

There is no charge to you or your company, as part of the community, we want to promote quality local businesses with our membership savings card program. We know that advertising and marketing can be expensive.

Our business model is to list our merchants for FREE.

Merchants get a detailed one-page online listing which includes: description of your business (tell your story), any image(s), your discount offers, street address with Google Maps, city, phone, hours of operation, email & direct links to your website, online ordering site & all your social media pages.  FREE!

Buy-One-Get-One-Free Offers will always give the best results! – Your Discount Offer should be a minimum of 10% off.

Customers are required to show their valid Everyday Savings Card in order to participate and receive your discount/savings offer.

You may have up to 5 Discount Offers at the same time and can change all but your MAIN OFFER throughout the year to reflect your business cycle, special sales, new product launches, holidays, clearances, off times, & other marketing events. Ask for details.

We will contact you within 24hrs and explain all the details!

Find us @ – ~ Call us @ – 330-989-0505



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