Earn up to 50% from Each Sale Your Group Makes! 

STV Everyday Savings Card is an excellent way to raise money for your Non-Profit Group, Sports Groups, Charity, Public School, Private School, Association or Club.

Fundraising Is Simple And Easy With STV Everyday Savings Card!

  • Your group can sell STV Savings Cards all year long as memberships are valid for one full year from sign-up (not prorated).
  • Not only will your members raise money for your group, but they also will use the STV Everyday Savings Card memberships to save hundreds of dollars.
  • STV Everyday Savings Card supplies marketing materials and training for your group at no charge.
  • STV Everyday Savings Card does not require your group to purchase memberships in advance. Call or email for more details!
  •  You do not need to be a non-profit or 501 (c)(3) charity to start a fundraiser. As long as your group has a legitimate fundraising need, STV will approve your fundraiser.

To Start Your STV Everyday Savings Card Fundraiser or if you have questions,   Email Us at :