Abruzzi’s – Hot Peppers in Oil



Abruzzi’s Café 422 started in 1939 by Guerino Abruzzi (1912-1994) and quickly became one of the premier restaurants “on the strip” in Warren, OH. Known throughout the Mahoning Valley and as far away as Cleveland and Pittsburgh, the “Four Twenty-Two” consistently ranked high in the NRA’s top restaurants in the country.

An Italian-American eatery serving everything from live lobsters straight from our tank to homemade pasta dinners to eggplant Parmesan to steak sandwiches on homemade Italian bread. Incidentally, some of the greatest actors and entertainers to ever walk the red carpet also walked into our restaurant for a meal during the 60’s and 70’s, including Sonny & Cher, Tony Bennett, and Ricardo Montalban.

Among our famous food was a very popular menu item, “hot peppers in oil,” the perfect complement to a good piece of Italian bread. Speaking of great entertainers, Sonny & Cher were in our restaurant in the mid 70’s and Sonny fell in love with our peppers! He loved them so much that he had his secretary call us from CA to send him more!

Shortly after we sold our restaurant in 2006, we decided to market our signature item that people missed so much. From humble beginnings at local farmer’s markets to national grocery store chains, we have brought back the original, Abruzzi’s Hot Peppers in Oil.

We invite you to taste our history.

B. Guerino Abruzzi

Guerino “Greenie” Abruzzi (1912-1994), founder of Abruzzi’s Cafe 422, was an accomplished trumpet player and restaurateur.

The trumpet on our logo pays homage to him.- Find Stores that sell our peppers or purchase online: WebsiteFacebook330-883-7933